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Working Data Folder
The working data folder is the default folder that SiteOrbiter uses to store extracts, artifacts and other output, such as rule actions. This folder must be specified by the user. SiteOrbiter runs in a virtual sandbox, which is an enhanced security mode on OS-X that helps to ensure that your computer is protected from malicious software. While beneficial to the user, the user has to positively authorize the software to access local resources. In the case of folder access to the local computer, this is done by asking the user to identify and select the folder. Once this is done, SiteOrbiter will remember the authorization and will be allowed, even after restart, to access the folder.

To set the working data folder, choose Data->Select Working Data Folder.

To open a Finder window to the working data folder, choose Data->Open Working Data Folder In The Finder.

The working data folder can be changed by the user at any time. Changing the working data folder is useful for segregating work output from different sites.

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