SiteOrbiter breaks down complexity.

As the amount of content grows on the websites you manage, content dependencies can become increasingly complex. SiteOrbiter enables you to explore, find and categorize resources that make up your site.

SiteOrbiter 7 is more than an incremental version - it's a rebuild of the product adding new features and optimizations that allow you to better explore, categorize and find content as well as apply automatic rules against scanned content and HTTP headers.

Export HTML applications, spreadsheet data, GraphViz, and Javascript, allowing you to connect the resource metadata with other tools and custom code.

Whether you have a remote site accessible via HTTP or HTTPS, or a local filesystem based site, SiteOrbiter will crawl the resources, and build an organized database. The scan process captures metadata about your content that you can then use to better determine and understand quickly and easily the breakdown and structure of a site. Out of the box, SiteOrbiter captures: size, outward links from a resource, inward links from a resource, resource type, H1 and H2 content, server return code, link type, modification date, server, protocol, keywords, description, author and refresh. Additionally, you can create and apply rules at scan time to capture additional HTTP or content based information via XQuery. You can also change your user-agent setting to mimic mobile and tablets. And as always, you can choose to download the content of a remote site to your local disk.
Explore and Organize
Once the site has been scanned, you can visually explore your site using a variety of views. Sort, find and filter site resources by their metadata attributes, such as number of inbound and outbound links, broken links, HTTP status codes, content type, and more. Identify differences to content and site structure from prior scans. Apply tags to resources as additional find and filter criteria. SiteOrbiter also allows you to build rules, based on a URL or partial URL, that automatically run an HTTP header value check or an XQuery. These rules trigger specified actions, such as tagging the resource in the SiteOrbiter database, or sending the URL or specific content to a file. SiteOrbiter will build a graph of the change activity of the site content.

Export and Integrate
SiteOrbiter creates a variety of export files, allowing you to use additional tools to explore and analyze the data, such as Microsoft Excel or Graphviz. SiteOrbiter exports and creates the following:
  • Pipe Delimited Export for Excel and other spreadsheet tools.
  • Self contained HTML based search applications for your scanned site to allow you to share an interactive set of resources with others.
  • Graphviz DOT files for additional visual rendering of your resource relationships.
  • HTML Page Rendering as PNG to allow you to make a graphic rendering of a resource or group of resources.
  • Exported Javascript Array to link your data to additional programming.
  • URL lists can be created and added to for to create custom lists of resources that can be re-scanned.
  • HTML and XML Sitemaps
  • See All Exports
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