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Content Analysis Software for OS-X

What is SiteOrbiter?
SiteOrbiter is a Mac OS-X application that helps you to discover and manage the content and structure of web sites in a visual way.
How SiteOrbiter Works
SiteOrbiter scans a remote or local website and builds an organized database of the resources it finds, enabling you to find, explore, tag and access content extremely efficiently.

SiteOrbiter can export, aggregate and integrate your site information with other tools, such as spreadsheets, Graphviz as well as create web site content. It also exports Javascript databases and self contained HTML applications that allow other users to explore and find content.
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What's new in SiteOrbiter 7.2?
SiteOrbiter has been rebuilt to enable better usability and functionality. New features include:
  • Tagging - Create tags for resources to enable better categorization, organization and discoverability.
  • Rules - You can create HTTP or XQuery rules that fire for URL patterns, allowing you to automatically catch and act on content or header conditions.
  • Exports - Create self-contained HTML applications that enable search across encapsulated web site metadata and tagged content. Export Graphviz DOT files, PNG renderings of complete web pages, Javascript databases of content and URLs, and much more.
  • Differences - SiteOrbiter will track differences in metadata (including H1 and H2 content) across scans, enabling quick understanding of change frequency, content change and structural change.
  • Additional standard meta data capture of keywords, description, author and refresh.
  • Augmented HTTP virtual headers (e.g. Age of resource in seconds and days)
  • Enhanced graphical navigation and charts